The lonely sex doll against Corona

The lonely sex doll against Corona

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This is what a sex doll feels like

When you think of sex dolls, inflatable rubber dolls might come to mind. It's best to forget that, because thanks to the latest technology, it's now possible to create ultra-realistic live-action puppets that will satisfy even the most demanding of admirers. A lot of value is placed on the development of the face, but the intimate area can also be depicted in an almost photo-realistic manner. All female dolls have a total of 3 orifices. Dimensions such as range and depth are modeled 1:1 with real women. The traffic with love dolls is therefore an absolute pleasure, in contrast to hookers, it is not only easy on the wallet, but also protects against possible viruses.

Of course, even modern live-action puppets are no substitute for real people. Despite the extremely realistic look, the automatic movement is still missing. Fortunately, research in this area is already a step further, as there are already sex robots that can move independently and even perform oral sex automatically. But that is far from the end, as is the activity of the facial muscles and of course the language is still a work in progress. The next few years will certainly bring one or the other major breakthrough in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Austen 163cm Ultra Real Silicone Adult Sex Doll

real doll

Lifelike love dolls, the so-called life size sex doll, are the absolute best among current sex dolls. Made of high-quality TPE or silicone, they not only fit comfortably in the hand, but also offer a wide range of personalization options. A typical live-action doll is between 141cm and 170cm tall and can weigh between 20kg and 40kg. She imitates a real woman in every detail in every way. Thanks to high-quality materials, modern silicone sex dolls look almost photoreal and feel as noble as a woman. The TPE doll has 3 penetrable orifices and can be manipulated into many different positions. This works because there is a metal skeleton inside, which is modeled after the human anatomy. Thanks to the new technology, it is even possible to bring real dolls up to body temperature or to equip them with sex robot functions via USB.

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