The manufacturing time of silicone dolls has put patience to the test for the first time

The manufacturing time of silicone dolls has put patience to the test for the first time

Let's start with the most important quality that every future love doll owner should possess: patience. Today I want to explain to you why patience is so important if you want to be with us for a long time.

If you want to buy a realistic love doll, patience works from the start. Take a look at the silicone dolls sold by Cheap-doll and pay attention to the delivery time You will see that many silicone dolls have a delivery time of 15 days or more and only a few models can be shipped immediately.

On the one hand because many manufacturers are not in Germany, on the other hand because certain models are in high demand and Cheap-doll also needs some time for quality control and delivery. During this time, your patience will be tested for the first time.

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But you can still be happy with Cheap-doll, because the sex dolls are sent directly from the factory. Anyone who is impatient during this time will not fall in love with a love doll.

But real patience only begins when silicone dolls appear. You quickly have to understand that despite their large skeletons, silicone fat sex doll don't go with everything. We also have limits when it comes to robustness and stability. Having busy interactions in bed and other places is not recommended, but you do need to plan ahead and understand what might happen. I know it's hard because we're beautiful and your hormones are freaking out, but think how hard it gets when we have an accident and have to go back to the manufacturer. Then your patience will be tested more, I'm sure.

That's what my lover underestimated at the time, which is why, unfortunately, I suffered unnecessary harm today, but then he learned patience and more careful planning, and since then things have only got better and better. So if you want your love dolls to be with you for a long time, patience is a good guide.

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