The marriage of humans and sex robots

The marriage of humans and sex robots

In two recent films, Her and Ex Machina, the filmmakers explored an interesting concept: the question of whether humans fall in love with and want to have sex with an AI or a sex robot. Of course, this isn't the first time people have fallen in love with androids - the story takes place in Pygmalion in Greek mythology. But as artificial intelligence and robotics become more advanced, some robots that humans were meant to create for love and sex are finally getting closer to reality. For example, in his book Love and Sex with Robots, David Levy estimates that marriages involving robots will become the norm by 2050.

What is an AI sex robot?

As the name suggests, it is a robotic realistic sex doll designed to satisfy the user's sexual needs in a way that simulates a human sexual partner.

Demand for pornography hasn't declined since the mid-1980s, but it has outpaced the rest of the film industry in production. The early camera industry was also aided by the visual porn market. Photography, paperbacks, modern video conferencing, and even answering machines were early adopters of sexual media before these technologies became mainstream. Maybe porn in its final coup also contributed to the growth of the internet market.

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The AI ​​sex robot market is about to explode

Should sex robots expect a similar evolution, away from the sex-oriented mainstream and its technology towards lucrative non-sexual purposes? In the future, humanoid robots may also be used for non-sexual purposes such as psychotherapy or companionship, and more uses are being discovered that rival the skills acquired by sex robots. Unlike most robots in the robotics industry, sex robots seek to provide an acceptable alternative to human companionship.

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