The overlooked problem of sex dolls

The overlooked problem of sex dolls

Sex dolls are high quality adult toys that will become unsightly without proper cleaning and care. This is a pity, as it often leads to problems with love dolls. According to sex doll manufacturers, most sex dolls are currently made of non-toxic, odorless, antioxidant and anti-aging silicone, which is very strong. Pores and hair are very sensitive.

Do not trust other people's mishandling, such as using alcohol, gasoline or even gasoline, because the color paste can only be bought at small dye shops. Add the dirt-stained doll, wash your face with water, and then add the shower gel. Gently wipe with a cotton swab until the stain is removed.

Second: The care of wigs also applies here: Anyone who buys a love doll should use a little common sense, real dolls need attention. If the hair is the same and too complicated, please wash it after bundling for two months. You ask me can I go a month without washing? Can I smooth it out? Then use conditioner, rinse with water and conditioner, then rinse and leave on for 30 minutes. Try it and let it dry naturally. If you're really lazy, you can also tie the wig in a ponytail and you'll be fine. Don't say you don't do it every time, there are plenty of excuses. In fact, it's not difficult to deal with.

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Do not be jealous of other people's anime sex doll, they all care about them and really belong to the village where they are not properly cared for. It was difficult for me at first and I was familiar with music. There are actually various makeup tutorials that won't make you fall in love with the doll or do anything. Take your time to find them. But don't worry, the real doll is made of very soft material, so don't choose lead paint, common people's makeup is okay.

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