The process of making a silicone sex doll

The process of making a silicone sex doll

The production of silicone sex dolls is a delicate and complicated work that requires the collaboration of high technology and professional skills. How are silicone sex dolls made? What are the specific production processes? Let's understand the production process of silicone sex dolls.

design and sculpture

The design and sculpting of a silicone sex doll is the first and most important step. Designers first carry out a conceptual design based on various series and styles of sex dolls, and determine their appearance, proportions and shapes. Then the sculptor carves the tree trunk or scarecrow into the sex doll prototype according to the design drawing, which requires excellent artistic aesthetics and sculpting skills.

3D scanning and modelling

After the sculpture is completed, the cheap sex doll prototype needs to be 3D scanned and its shape data is entered into the computer to create a 3D computerized model. Then the 3D model is fed into a 3D typewriter to create a high-precision plaster model. The plaster model serves as a template for the final casting of the silicone shell and is necessary to achieve the effect of high simulation and exquisite detail. 3D scanning and modeling are the main technical links to achieve a high level of sex doll restoration.

Silicone casting and surface treatment

After the plaster model is finished, the silicone casting can take place. Mix the two liquid silicone materials in proportion and then pour into the cavity of the plaster model. After it is cured and shaped, the silicone sex doll shell can be obtained. Then the silicone surface needs to be polished, painted and sprayed to increase its realism and beauty. This sequence of steps transforms the Teen sex doll from a plaster cast into a finished silicone product with the feel of a real person.

Endoskeleton and Rigging

After the silicone sleeve is completed, the inner mounts and joints need to be attached to allow the sex doll to take different positions. Hair implants, eyeballs and eyelashes are then placed. Finally, the sex doll is fully tested and packaged, and finally a silicone sex doll is finished, which can meet different needs well.

Manufacturing silicone cheap sex dolls requires high precision technology in design, 3D printing, materials and assembly. Only through the high-quality control and cooperation of all processes can high-quality silicone artworks with a real feel and realistic look be created. This also makes silicone sex dolls a microcosm of advanced manufacturing with high technical gold content.

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