The story of a man whose wife is ill and wishes for a life size sex doll

The story of a man whose wife is ill and wishes for a life size sex doll

Part of man's longing finds solace in the form of this realistic sex doll.
A man whose wife is dying tells her story and lets people know. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, married his high school sweetheart ten years ago. However, that year it was discovered that his wife had ovarian cancer. The couple had recently moved to another state to be closer to family. The husband struggles to figure out how to get close enough to his wife to make the rest of their time happy and meaningful. He didn't want his wife to see his fear, anger, guilt and sadness. The couple's sex life, while good, was not perfect. The reason for this was a mismatch in their sexuality brought about by birth control and the lack of psychiatric drugs for Sex Doll. But for the past three years, her wife's health has been her priority. Because of this, they have only been intimate a few times during that time.

Also, they both mourned the inability to have children after undergoing surgery for ovarian cancer. The husband knew his wife lied about her true feelings. Her words were betrayed by her body. He knew she had lost all confidence as she struggled with digestive complications from chemotherapy and other hospital treatments.

Before she fell ill, the couple's sex life was primarily penetrative. For a time he had been silent about the sex act as they were both preoccupied with the woman's life and death. Still, he wanted to make sure he could continue to make his wife as beautiful and desirable as she was. They tried to find other ways to maintain their sex life, even if it didn't involve penetration. However, his wife's deteriorating health prevented them from putting the issue aside.

Shockingly, the couple is now in a near-death experience. According to the man, he would be willing to give up sex with his wife if it would keep her alive. However, the deteriorating situation no longer allows them to do so. He wanted to do whatever he could for them in the time they had left. In addition, their well-being and welfare were his primary concerns. The husband also wants to know if he should assume that sexual pleasure is the least of his wife's concerns. Additionally, he wants to know if he should introduce them to new opportunities while they still have some time.

In addition, the husband felt very guilty when he thought about how he would live without his wife. The two have only ever had intimate contact. The thought of dating and the culture of dating scared him. Despite this, he knew that his wife wanted him to find love again. He didn't want his wife to leave him and he didn't want to be left alone. He liked it best when the two of them snuggled up in bed together. However, this was somewhat difficult due to some of her medical needs.

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Part of her man longs to find solace in the form of one of these realistic tpe sex doll. Because he wanted to hold at least one so that her bed isn't so empty. He wondered if the idea was crazy. However, he himself thought this was crazy. Buying and owning a sex doll could be seen as objectifying women. Also, the money he spends on the realistic doll could go to other good causes. Sex dolls are indeed very expensive. So if he had gone ahead with the purchase, he could have used the money he needed to prolong his wife's life.

Final Thoughts
It doesn't hurt when a man tries to share his feelings, or even the exact contents of a letter he's writing to his wife. This is all the more true since the well-being and happiness of his wife is his priority. And if a husband thinks that having sex with him is the last thing on his wife's mind, he may be right. However, if he asks her if she's interested, there's no harm in that. However, it is important to be careful with the question as it can sound harsh. He must also be willing to take no for an answer. If her happiness and well-being is a husband's top priority, then he should talk to her about what he can do to make the rest of the time as comfortable for her as possible. If sex is on her list of desires, that's great. If that's not the case, he should accept it immediately.

Also, it might be embarrassing when he introduces his wife to a silicone sex doll that doesn't show any expression or emotion. Men's fear of the idea of ​​dolls objectifying women is understandable. However, it is not the dolls that objectify women. Rather, it is the people who objectify women through these dolls. As long as the man knows the difference between animate and inanimate, he should be fine.

Silicone sex dolls are exquisite toys. As long as they are considered toys, they do not objectify women any more than a dildo objectifies a penis or the right hand does not objectify the choice of an orifice. It's true that the man could have spent his money on more important things. However, unless he seriously considers a vow of poverty, there may be things in his life that might be considered indulgences that he does not personally need. As long as he doesn't forget to save some money for more important expenses, it's okay if he eventually decides to buy a sex doll.

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