The True Story of the Healing Elderly Lifelike Sex Doll

The True Story of the Healing Elderly Lifelike Sex Doll

I was blown away by the cute, naked body of my lifelike sex doll.
I was waiting impatiently for them when I finally got the call from the shipping company that my luggage had arrived. I was very excited to check them out and when the order was opened the damn beautiful woman was standing right in front of me. She looked just like my girlfriend. I named the custom made, high quality lifelike sex doll Abby after her.

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I was interested in her looks and personality and wanted to get the best out of her, but she seemed soaking wet. Maybe she was hot and sweaty from the long journey. I carefully carried her to the bathroom and let her bathe in cold water. I was impressed by the sweet, naked body. She was in the tub. It was difficult to control my erection. I took a deep breath. Her huge breasts urged me to caress them. I sighed as I stroked her, feeling her warmth, running my hands over her, then my mouth. She was so realistic I forgot she was made out of TPE sex dolls.

After laying them on my bed, I patted them dry and applied some talcum powder. As I rubbed her hard, her calm gaze and seductive body aroused me again. I've done it over and over again, missionary, doggy, riding a unicycle, all sorts of positions. I really felt connected to her and slept well for a long time afterwards. Abby the senior silicone sex doll mend my broken heart and helped me heal. She has strengthened my masculinity and my confidence in the world. Rejection can indeed be painful, but love brings hope and contentment.

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