The use of sex dolls by the elderly triggers social reflection

The use of sex dolls by the elderly triggers social reflection

As society ages, sex dolls are becoming more and more popular among the elderly. This has made people think about the sex life and needs of older people.

Main Reasons Elderly People Use Sex Dolls:

1.Satisfying physiological needs: When partner dies or sex life stops, sex dolls provide a way to vent.

2.Relieve Loneliness: Whether single or family, sex dolls offer virtual companionship.

3.Reactivation of the libido: a regulation of hyposexuality.

4. The pursuit of freshness: The taste of life is in no way inferior to that of young people.

5. Realize sexual fantasies: Older people also have unfamiliar sexual fantasies.

The social reflection behind it:

1-The sexual needs of older people are just as legitimate: they should not be socially stigmatized or discriminated against.

2-Elderly people also have the right to pursue happiness: old age should not limit life expectations.

3-The biological basis of sex and love knows no age: it is human nature.

4-Elderly people need company too: Even if it's not true love, it can be comforting.

5-Elderly people have emotional needs: small tpe sex doll can play a positive role.

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