There are many dolls in the market all over the world

There are many dolls in the market all over the world

In the beginning, lifelike dolls basically had similar faces, expressions, and styles. Now you can choose to have Indian, African, Asian, American, French, Russian, Brazilian or any other ethnicity in your sex dolls. There is no limit to creativity and choice.

If you think that sex dolls only target men or lesbians, because only female anime sex doll are available, you are dead wrong. Sex dolls can be used for men, women and men. So basically you can drive your fantasies crazy and enjoy some of the most beautiful illusions with sex dolls.

There are two types of sex doll buyers. The first is actually looking for something that can fill the mate space, the second is for those who may or may not have a partner but want to fulfill whatever sexual fantasies they have. Larger chests or heavy burns are the most common requirements for custom doll makers. If you are a woman and want to have close contact with a man with enormous virility, a sex doll can become "a person".

The skeletal structure of the TPE doll plays a crucial role in performance. No, we are not talking about the actual skeleton here, but about the frame of these dolls. Sex dolls on the market with detachable and bendable limbs. It all depends on what kind of internal structure they have. In order to get a better experience and durability, it is very important to get an elegant doll with a strong and flexible skeleton.

157cm Roller Skating Girl Life Size Sex Doll

We seek body warmth by kissing our partner. The baby born early cannot provide body heat. Therefore, most customers wrapped sex dolls in electric blankets before using them. However, some companies now offer dolls with built-in sensors and heating mechanisms. These dolls are very advanced and can be heated to different temperatures in different parts of the body to imitate the human body.

For most people, silicone dolls are a one-time investment. To ensure that your purchase is correct, be sure to check your doll's appearance and body structure. The size of the doll is very important because this work of art will satisfy your deepest illusions. Before making the final choice, always check the appearance and compare the different dolls.

Last but not least, sex sites or holes are very important. The vagina, anus, and mouth fall into this category. Each sex doll contains at least one hole. There are two types of elegant dolls, removable and one without removable holes. You should prefer to choose a product with a removable grommet and it is easier to clean after sex with them.

Sex dolls have working mouths. They have silicone-based tongues and teeth, which are safe, but provide a lot of pleasure. Simply pull your chin up to expand your mouth.

Vaginal and anal holes provide amazing changes in color, structure, texture and other characteristics. If you want something interesting, you can also customize the vagina. Some customers like to pierce the vagina, which will give the doll a strange feeling.

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