They tweeted about alcohol, cigarettes and edged weapons

They tweeted about alcohol, cigarettes and edged weapons

These sex dolls have hundreds of followers:

Laura loves animals and loves to share photos of adorable koala bears and dogs that are blown away by the wind. You can see her chatting with friends or reading books on her Twitter account. Sometimes she is also naked.

A hot shooting star from Japan
For example, it's best not to mess with this Japanese specimen. The icy young plastic lady not only showed her middle finger, but also her arsenal: bazooka, assault rifle and magazines - and other weapons hanging on the wall. Who is sharper - the doll or her gun?

alcohol and cigarette butts
Cigarettes play with fire for rubber dolls. If the butt burns too far, the face can be damaged.

But: With many sex doll, the addiction to smoking products is much stronger than rationality. They also showed great interest in alcohol. How human!

Guendolen Redhead Big Tits Silicone Adult Love Doll 160cm

It is becoming more and more common to connect all kinds of devices to the internet – cell phones, refrigerators, security cameras and of course robots. Since these everyday objects are usually not as well protected as computers and smartphones, they will become more of a focus for hackers.

A sex robot kills its owner - that sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but it could soon become reality.

Where does love fall...
Sometimes sex dolls seem to lose their minds. Their declaration of love may seem contrived, but the universal credo of PVC models deserves respect: love is love! It doesn't matter if your partner is flesh and blood.

Toys with a playful instinct
Gaming is also an issue. Some dolls prefer role play.

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