Things to consider when using a true love doll

Things to consider when using a true love doll

When we need strong psychological comfort, many beautiful women portraits will make our heart beat, and when we buy one, many shopkeepers and even many sellers will make cards for us. But it's not very worth it. The real sex toys become sex dolls like real people, after all, they are made according to real people's proportion and easy to use because of steel structure. Due to the specific requirements of gender, you may have particular preferences for certain movements. In this case, a love doll with full body joints can meet these requirements. The average weight of dolls is basically 50-70 kg, but if you want to touch them, it is very important to touch a real person, especially those with slim thighs and high breasts. So, since I have a strong psychological need to do this, some of you may be wondering if you should ask a cautious question about dolls for the first time.

Do sex dolls need to be cleaned?

It's really. This means that sex dolls need to be washed with water before use and then disinfected, which not only ensures the sex dolls have a long service life, but also ensures that our body is in good condition, it is best to apply some lubricant before use. And after use, we also need to clean the intimate parts of these love dolls, then wipe them with a dry cloth and put them in a cool place so that they can be put away. We must be careful not to expose it to the sun as this will damage the silicone. Basically, these are the things a real human needs to be aware of when first using it.

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Meanwhile, bathing, grooming and powdering the love dolls is a must. In her work The Confusing Potential, the photographer Julia Steinigeweg meets the very shy mini sex doll owner. In an interview, she said that there was hardly any evidence of general prejudice against these people. Life with such a doll is very different from life with a comfortable sex toy like a vibrator: “It was very time-consuming at first. You have to take care of the doll, you have to bathe it, you have to powder it, move it."

She advocates treating doll owners not as otherworldly freaks, but as sensitive, rather withdrawn people who, for whatever reason, have missed the chance to exchange relationships with their love dolls in exchange for ones that are too real. She is critical of future sex robots because they would distract from enriching relationships: "I would think it would be advisable not to pay too much attention to it and not to invest too much money in this development."

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