This is a true silicone doll story

This is a true silicone doll story

More and more artificial intelligence is applied to silicone dolls to fill people's loneliness. After graduating from college, I joined an adult AI doll company to sell. I specialize in selling cheap sex dolls to foreigners. I have seen the deepest loneliness and the most painful humanity here.

At 7:30 am I woke up, washed up and ran to the office. The dormitory is only ten minutes away from my work place, through a deep alley, and there is a gray four-story building. From the outside, it is no different from the old building in the suburbs of Guangzhou. If you go inside, it will scare you.

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Countless bodies of young women hang from steel frames like meat in a slaughterhouse, wrapped in transparent plastic bags. Adult love dolls come in a variety of skin tones, ranging from black and white to yellow. Even though I've been working here for a while, I go to the factory every day and I see this scene like a dream. Nightmare is still a dream, I can't tell for a moment.

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