Tips for using love dolls safely

Tips for using love dolls safely

Love dolls are made of plastic, rubber, VK, silicone and TPE materials. This makes them more durable, even if they need maintenance. The notion that all love dolls are numbered when they come to your home is wrong. Considering that sex dolls are made of many chemicals, you can keep them safe by making all kinds of preparations and maintaining them in perfect conditions.

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Proper assembly of your love doll When you receive your love doll, you will receive instructions on how to assemble your love doll from head to toe. This is the first step in handling your love doll safely. Putting your love doll together correctly ensures that your torso is not too shaky and you have a perfect sexual experience. Proper love doll storage This is a delicate step in your relationship with your love doll.

Good storage will keep your sex dolls for men in perfect condition and safe when you use them. There are different types of storage, but when buying a love doll it's important to think about the details of storage by talking to the manufacturer in order to offer them the right storage method. It is often a good idea to cover the love doll with a cotton cloth before putting it away.

Some people put them in the wrong place. In this case, it can be used for any packaging. Inside the package, the body could be harmed or exposed to hazardous chemicals. You can keep your love doll in a box under your bed, but make sure it's in a dry place. Depending on the material used for the love doll, if you store your love doll in a dry, cool place, the love doll can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

If you keep your love doll in your closet and make sure it has enough space there, it will not come into contact with other clothes. As we already know, some love dolls can easily stain colored clothes. These stains can be very difficult to remove. Prevention is better than cure. In case of an accident, you can clean your real love doll with a stain remover. Cleaning the love doll This is probably the most important part as it affects both of you when it comes to the safety of love dolls in general. Basically, it's about cleaning as much as cleaning your environment. It's very personal. If it's not clean, you can contract diseases and serious infections.

It is recommended that you wash and scrub your lover after each intercourse. Use warm water, soap and shampoo. Using other soaps and shampoos can significantly reduce the lifespan of your love doll. In many cases, that's because they're sensitive to harsh chemicals.

When cleaning, it is recommended to pay special attention to the holes in the love doll. When inserted into the vagina, e.g. B. in the mouth, very careful cleaning methods are required. It is even better if the love doll's vagina can be removed. In general, however, it is necessary to wash off the dirt from the above places.

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