Top 6 things to know about love doll quick start guide

Top 6 things to know about love doll quick start guide

46.Top 6 things to know about love doll quick start guide

Here is a quick guide for people who want sex dolls or have sex dolls and show you how to visually tell if the sex toy you buy is made of quality materials

Performance Conditions: After long-term storage, it will naturally absorb oil and decompose, producing a strong pungent odor.

Reason: The raw materials are not certified and the raw materials are wrong.

It is normal for TPE to exude oil. If oil appears after a month, this is quite normal, while after a short time, about an hour, the inferior TPE material drains the oil and emits a strong pungent odor. Then you must be aware of this period! So lazy. No one buys adult products made from unsuitable odor-emitting TPE materials that have only been stored for a short period of time anymore.

One: materials
The material of the sex doll is TPE and silicone. Silicone life size sex doll are flexible, soft in hardness, smooth and soft to the touch, light skin and smooth and realistic surface.

165cm Big Breasts Pink Bikini Short Hair Tpe Doll

Second: smell
The real product smells weaker, otherwise almost odorless.

Three: function
Good quality love dolls can be used many times without any problems.

Fourth: health and safety
TPE materials are generally environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and have no adverse effects on the human body.

5: performance
Features High-quality physical love dolls are generally environmentally friendly, efficient, odorless, hygienic, highly transparent after casting, non-yellowing, non-toxic and odorless, durable, physiologically inert, and resistant to biological aging.

6: price
Differences Well-known manufacturers have reference prices that are customary in the industry. We don't think you can get quality sex dolls cheap.

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