TPE sex dolls are very easy to repair damage

TPE sex dolls are very easy to repair damage

After applying the TPE glue, pull the torn sides together. Hold the tear together until the sides are reconnected.

In this way, the doll is not only super realistic, but it does not even harm the health of the doll user. Similar to real human skin, TPE is a flexible material that allows for the soft texture of the wrist. Silicone Doll Men prefer sex dolls that are rocking and soft during sex. But silicone sex dolls don't rock back and forth during sex like other sex doll materials.

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Check their shipping and return policies, for example, many retailers in Germany will drop shipping and forward your order directly to foreign manufacturers. While this can save some money, it also means that once they've taken your money you just have to wait for the tracking number and your realdoll will be imported directly on your behalf, not the company you paid for.

Galen-165cm European Big Tits Wife Full Silicone Sexy Doll

Comfortable and flexible, our body-safe platinum silicone conforms to all unique body types. Bacteria like to thrive on dirty, damp surfaces, so make sure your doll is clean and dry after use.

To the help of High-Tech Sex Dolls Germany, High-Tech Dolls usually refers to artificial intelligence life size sex doll that are connected to the internet for intelligent conversation and can also run a full-body thermostat mode. Realistic breeding areas so you can start again and again. Gorgeous Sex Doll This sex doll is 150cm long resp. It is undeniably glamorous and sexy. Having sex with sex dolls is really great.

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