TPE sex dolls - pros and cons

TPE sex dolls - pros and cons

In fact, they are so popular that if you are looking for one you probably already know what they are and why some people prefer them to other sex dolls like silicone dolls or silicone dolls. But if you don't know what TPE stands for, or why it even matters, let's take a look at what makes these sex dolls special compared to other sex dolls on the market.

A realistic feeling

TPE is a good alternative to inflatable dolls. With TPE, you get firm, flexible sex dolls that feel so much like human skin that it's easy to forget you're sleeping with a doll. tpe sex doll not only look and feel better than silicone dolls, they are also cheaper. Because of these advantages, many experts believe that TPE will soon replace silicone as the material of choice for making sex dolls.

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Better than silicone

Choosing TPE sex dolls over silicone dolls has several advantages. They cost less, are more durable, and can be used in a variety of ways. Also, their realistic touch, flexibility and lifelike appearance make them more suitable for long-term use. And unlike silicone doll bodies, which require maintenance once or twice a year, TPE dolls only need regular cleaning with soap and water or toy cleaner and will last you for years to come.

Reasonable price

Although TPE dolls are more expensive (between €1,000 and €7,000), they are usually cheaper than silicone dolls (€5,000 to €20,000), which can cost between €5,000 and €50,000 or more. TPE is also easier to care for, making it a better choice for sex dolls for beginners.


TPE sex dolls last much longer than their silicone counterparts. Silicone is soft, which can make oral sex or sex uncomfortable. However, it wears out over time, so it needs to be replaced sooner than a sex doll. Because of their durability, the cheaper dolls are also easy to repair; if damage occurs (again, they're not indestructible) they can be repaired with tape or glue.


Easy to clean

Because TPE is a more flexible material, it is easier to clean. And cleaning doesn't require any harsh chemicals that could damage the doll. You can just use soap and water. Simple and easy to do!

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