Trend: Real Doll in shop windows

Trend: Real Doll in shop windows

Our new trend in real dolls is the gradual replacement of classic plastic mannequins in the shop windows of fashion boutiques.

We do not hide Real Doll, our beautiful silicone or TPE dolls are mainly used in the sex toys market. But over the months we have discovered that our beauties are not only meant to satisfy some people's sexual or emotional desires, but can also serve as realistic fashion support.

These are commonly used in fashion photography as they allow photographers to practice without being pressed for time. Or for designers/fashion creators showing their outfits etc.

What could be more unsettling to a customer than seeing such clothing on a woman as realistic as nature itself. The cost of these dolls has dropped drastically and it is now possible to decorate your windows with realistic silicone or TPE dolls!

Lina 161cm Christmas Girl TPE Love Doll F-Cup with SE Doll

Cosplay roleplay is a popular way to use realistic sex dolls. Websites that sell realistic silicone sex doll even have pictures of sex dolls turned into anime cosplays. There are many people who like to be photographed with their favorite role-playing games.

There are also women playing sex dolls. She is fun to role play with because she is an ideal size love doll.

Sex dolls are photographed and modeled, photographed and in some cases serve as your models when you want to sell your own clothes and accessories online. In many cases, love dolls look better on the clothes you make than on mannequins, and some people use them in place of mannequins. More women than men shop this way. This can be a surprising use.

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