Try the best sex positions for sex dolls

Try the best sex positions for sex dolls

We have done our best to organize some of the positions that are easiest for you to lie on your back - due to COVID-19 we are not getting enough exercise now which is causing many people to sit down for long periods - relax those backs!

Does anyone know the cowgirl pose? Cowgirls are possibly the most difficult, sometimes requiring double joints or enhanced bones - unfortunately in the bones department, not all mini sex doll are made equal! We always recommend that you plan on taking photos or doing more advanced pretzel-like Kama Sutras for the best bones to withstand. The option of a standing tripod can also help you achieve more positions.

Hutao-125cm Cute Vest Sexy Girl

"Cowgirl is a pose I absolutely love.
You can do many things with it.
There are 4 basic leg positions to keep it interesting.
(1) I can sit with straight and straight legs. (His) armpits. My feet became a fulcrum for me to rock up and down.
(2) I can bend my knees and squat. Now my knee is the pivot, which is a completely different feeling.
(3) I can bend my knees more and enter the traditional cowgirl pose. I can lean forward and cross my arms on his chest. In this position he can freely reach into my body.
(4) Eventually I can move over (him) to (him) fully lying position and tie my legs tightly together.

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