Two main functions of smart love dolls

Two main functions of smart love dolls

Platinum silicone is a medical grade silicone widely used in smart noodles. Compared with traditional solid silicon sex dolls, platinum solid silicone sex doll are made of high quality imported silicon raw materials, two-component mold vulcanizing agent and common hardeners. In contrast, it has the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency, tasteless, high degree of sanitation, high transparency after molding, anti-yellowing, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertness and biological aging.

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The love doll has two main functions. First, intelligent body temperature. By adjusting the equipped infrared remote control, all parts of the human body can reach a body temperature of 37 degrees, which is closer to the real human senses. Second, intelligent pronunciation Using high-tech intelligent technology to achieve high-fidelity sound, through high-tech intelligent chip sensors, the sound produced by high-tech intelligent chips will not be distorted.

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