Two voices about sex dolls - some like it, some hate it

Two voices about sex dolls - some like it, some hate it

Sex is not only entertaining, it also feels good! Sex is healthy too! This is particularly due to the hormones released during sex. Not only do they make us happy, they also have a positive effect on our immune system and our health.
However, excessive use of sex dolls inevitably leads to silicone sex doll scrapping. Hence, an oolong report appeared, and a couple made a terrifying discovery while walking. Next to the underground passage was a body that looked like it was covered. Only the feet stick out. It's just a doll.
A sex doll caused a stir on Sunday. The doll was covered with blankets and lying next to the B14 underground passage..

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Walker was suspected of a violent crime
Only two feet were exposed under the bed with athletic socks. A couple went for a walk and thought it was a body undercover and suspected it was a violent crime. In order not to hide any traces, the two did not take a closer look, but instead called the police. It can provide clear results quickly. However, the officer had to admit that the life-size sex doll with the socks looked very real.

The truth - the address on the package shows the alleged "murderer"
Police also found a box containing a doll. Buyer's address is given above. The policeman packed the latex lady into the police car with blankets and boxes and then went to the homeowner. According to police, it's all embarrassing, and at first he wanted nothing to do with it. Eventually, due to the overwhelming evidence, he admitted that he had disposed of the "woman" and the box there. Police said the man had taken his companion home and now had to charge him with violating the Waste Act.


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