Types of love dolls

Types of love dolls

Your desires, passions and fantasies are unique and we believe love dolls should be too.
We at cheap-doll.com have made it our mission that everyone can live out their perfect sexual fantasy and that is why we offer beautiful, lifelike sex doll in all shapes, sizes and types. Your desires, passions and fantasies are unique and we believe love dolls should be too. Whatever your fetish or fantasy, we have the perfect doll for you. Find out more about our most popular range of silicone and TPE dolls at:

Mini, small and micro sex dolls

Miniature sex dolls are for those who prefer the little things in life. Whether you are interested in miniature sex dolls for fondness or for storage, you will find the perfect miniature sex doll for you in our wide selection.

sex doll torsos

Sex Doll Torsos offer the same authentic experience in a more compact size. You can use sex doll torsos to fulfill the same sexual desires as you would with a fuller sex doll. Even though she doesn't have arms and legs, the essential parts are there so you can have a great night out with a chubby or petite doll. The torsos of these sex dolls are usually less than 100cm long, making them easy to store and use, allowing you to enjoy the same sexual experience in a much smaller size.

blond sex doll

Anime sex dolls

Bring your best anime fetish to life with anime love dolls. Our range of silicone and TPE anime sex dolls includes a variety of different types of fantasy sex dolls to suit your wildest fantasies. Choose from vampire, elf, endless, cartoon and many other anime sex dolls today!

Male love dolls

When we say we have love dolls for all sexual preferences, we mean it. Our male love dolls offer the same realistic texture and feel as our female sex dolls. Suitable for hard rides and slow sex, our high quality silicone male dolls will satisfy your passion for every moment of the day. With defined abs and a great body, our amazing male dolls can be the man you want, when you want, where you want. Shop our range today and create your ideal male sex doll!

Love dolls for couples

Bring a love doll into your relationship and make your romance as alive as ever. Whether your sexuality takes precedence over your partner's or you're contemplating a threesome, a sex doll that suits both preferences is perfect for spicing up your love life. Bring the ultimate sexual pleasure to you and your partner with a realistic sex doll from hydoll.de today!

Lifelike love dolls

Lifelike love dolls are our most popular type of doll. We have many different types of life size sex doll bodies for you to browse from slim to curvy and everything in between. You can choose the body that suits you, just like the other aspects of our lifelike TPE sex dolls, starting at 148cm in size.

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