Understand vaginas and make smarter choices

Understand vaginas and make smarter choices

In general, there are two types of vaginas: a movable vagina and a built-in vagina (also called an integrated vagina) for insertion. A love doll with an integrated vagina looks like a real woman. This type of vagina cannot be removed and is permanent.

Love doll lovers who choose an integrated vagina believe that it offers the best reality, both in terms of looks and feel, and that an integrated vagina is more solid than a detachable vagina in some respects. However, two things should not be underestimated: All-in-one vagina real doll are more difficult to clean. After use, you need to take out the doll and clean the vagina.

If your buy sex doll is heavy and big, you will feel worse. If the inside of the doll is damaged or aged, you cannot replace her vagina with a new one. You can choose a removable vagina size and insert the vaginal tube inside the doll to form a full vagina and enjoy sex.

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There are pros and cons to inserting a vagina compared to a fixed vagina:.

Pros: You can make your doll more rigid. An insertable vagina can easily be replaced. If a mobile vagina is damaged or deteriorates, you can buy a new one.

If you have a vagina damage doll, you will have to spend a lot of money to buy a new sex doll. They are easy to clean and dry. Because the inserts are removable, cleaning techniques should be performed independently of the actual doll, by washing it lightly with water and then drying it upside down.

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Used vagina dolls are easier to sell because the buyer can buy a new vagina for the love doll. It's Versatile If your plaything has an insertion vagina, she can easily insert a masturbator and a new mannequin! As you can see, you get new features and your toys for a very reasonable price

Cons: Inserting a vagina into a love doll requires relatively little real sensation during technical intercourse, making them more susceptible to damage. You risk damaging your sex doll when plugging and unplugging the insert. How to insert your sex doll vaginally?

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