Use realistic sex dolls to create atmosphere

Use realistic sex dolls to create atmosphere

This is your home, you can shape the place to your liking. Order delicious things and enjoy the rest of the night. In the second option, you can see the entire home date scene. Her size is close to that of real women, so she is a life-size sex doll with beautiful hair and a beautiful face. All you have to do is get the preparations right. Get appetizing food, good wine, candles and a sexy silicone doll woman.

Our head office is located in Paris, France, and is a regular agent of WMDOLL, SYDOLL, JYDOLL and other brands. Products have been exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries. We have studios in Shenzhen, China to develop new materials, new technologies and sex robots. Most of our products are manufactured in our factory in Dongguan, China. Quality assurance makes us deeply loved and trusted by our customers. The dolls made by the factory are shipped after strict quality control by the company.

157cm Sexy Medium Breasts Wheat-colored Skin Ellie

Curious is the flat chest metal skeleton adult sex doll. They are a special gift for those who are eager to be innocent, these girls will rock the ponytail and make the small sex doll look cheap. Her chest is flat and her buttocks are medium in size. She looks cute and innocent, but she can wait until her clothes are off and the pussy is fully lubed up before she can have some fierce sex. Like its predecessor, the cheap life size human size TPE silicone doll reality has been one of our best-selling products, to order, it makes the girl infinitely passionate.

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