Vampire Sex Doll -- Buy Free Teeth and Tongue

Vampire Sex Doll -- Buy Free Teeth and Tongue

Is your doll a little leprechaun in the bedroom? Or is she just a vampire who likes to suck teeth? It looks scary and hideous, but there are still many people who want to try it.

These are brand new products from the Silicone Lovers website, hand carved to enhance your dolls facial features and bring new realism and expression to their faces. The vampire and split tongue suit is perfect for Halloween and those sexy photos! Finally an easy way to find your tall nice goth girlfriend.

Almost most brands will have several anime sex doll of this type. After purchase, these photography props, such as teeth and tongues, will be given as a gift, just like real photos.

Chizu-125cm Flat Chest Cute Doll

Most dolls are suitable for anyone who speaks TPE (if you have a specific doll please contact us). If your doll already has fixed (i.e., immobile) tongues or teeth, they may not fit or look as good. Dolls with fixed teeth and tongues can be modified to use this set. However, we do not recommend this.

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