Warning: How to Avoid Cheap Sex Doll Scams?

Warning: How to Avoid Cheap Sex Doll Scams?

Most people use our cheap sex doll's professional photos to sell fake products.
Beware of scams and fake lifelike dolls
With more and more buyers complaining about being ripped off by unscrupulous sellers, we decided to put together all the information here to prevent others from falling into the trap. Indeed, the world of cheap sex dolls is growing and we are seeing the emergence of online stores that act as traders without knowing the products they are selling.

Identification of reliable stores

It is difficult if not impossible to tell the difference between genuine and fake and once you receive something you will be in for a nasty surprise the day of delivery. Some websites don't hesitate to write fake customer reviews to mislead customers. (To guarantee the authenticity of our customer reviews, we use a completely external service: hydoll.de)

It is now easy to buy such products directly in the country without having to move, but, unfortunately, poor quality imitations are widespread. We won't list the good or the bad, but French sites and companies can also be found in the negative feedback we collect each week, so be careful.

Every day, many visitors come to us asking for help in repairing a recently purchased doll that is already in bad shape. 100% of the time, the doll was purchased from a dubious website at a price too attractive to complete the transaction.

The first piece of advice is to beware of incredibly cheap prices. If the price is too low, there is bound to be a problem! Order your big boobs sex doll from a trusted store and be sure that the store serving you is trustworthy. Don't hesitate to contact the seller and ask as many questions as you can. Dolls are an expensive product and sometimes an investment. The shop that can advise you and answer all your questions is also likely to be honest.

Kiko 161cm Sexy Adult Doll F-Cup With SE Doll

Run away from Ebay, Cdiscount, Amazon and other marketplaces where anyone can claim to be a seller. You use photos that do not match the product or description.

Obviously you will never receive this TPE doll as we are the only ones who have the molds. The 85 euros do not even include the shipping costs for a 35 kg package.

You must buy from a seller who specializes in dolls. Stores without customer service, repairs or parts will sell you a doll, but don't expect further communication if something goes wrong. Also, avoid sex shops that sell everything (all combinations of products: clothes, toys, dolls, etc.). If you are purchasing a used doll, ask for the original invoice to verify the doll's authenticity or provenance.

Fraudulent and/or identity theft websites

Beware of websites that want to exploit our reputation by using a name very similar to ours. We know that our customers are not always satisfied with the internet, but people who have bought from other websites often contact us about their orders and even complain to us that they are on the right website. In fact, the only authentic shop is cheap-doll.com and can only be found at this address cheap-doll.com.

We are often asked to repair poor quality dolls or counterfeit products purchased from fraudulent websites. They stink and deteriorate quickly.

If the seller is reputable and the size of the offered tpe sex dolls is the same as the original product, please feel free to contact the brand's official website. A photo doesn't mean you're getting a certified doll, let alone one of good quality.

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