What are the exciting sex skills?

What are the exciting sex skills?

Let's create space

I don't care if you're busy or not, you need to make the time and space for amazing sex. It's a good idea to turn off cell phones. It's a sacred space for sleeping and for orgasming in your bed. Have a nice evening with real life size sex doll.
Go slow and connect

Scrunch your forehead while drinking from the sex doll with your eyes. Get out of your heads and into your bodies with a kiss. There is a person named Breath.

Breathe deeply during foreplay, during sex, and throughout your orgasms to relax your body, prolong the experience, and build anticipation. I'm aware it sounds easy, but that's because it is. All of your attention should be focused on the hot sexual pleasure that you get when you breathe deeply into your belly.
Continuous foreplay

The foreplay is the main part of the course. Remove them from the building. Bite their necks. Kissing the creases, love handles, bones and nooks of their beautiful torsos will help you get out of your mind, become present and begin to synchronize the inner rhythms of your sexual arousal.

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Take it easy

Masturbation, oral sex, intercourse, anal sex and any other sex you can think of is crucial because you have hacked the best way to reach ultimate orgasm and still try different ways and positions to reach the untapped potential. The feeling of a slowly building orgasm is amazing when done slowly.
use your hands

They should be grabbed by their hips. Your hair needs to be pulled. Take a close look at her beautiful backside. It is important to keep your hands on your torso, forearms or legs.
Use lube
There are many people who don't know how comfortable it is to use lube. It is possible to achieve great intimacy when you are completely relaxed and aware of yourself.

Sex with full size female sex doll is great.

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