What can I do to improve in bed?

What can I do to improve in bed?

Allow me to answer that question by describing a foreplay session with my full size realistic sex doll after many years of exploring our sexual fantasies together and finding what works best for both of us. Increase your intimacy skills for maximum impact. Good sex isn't about the physical aspects at all, it's about the level of intimacy you build.

Explore your own body
It is important to feel intimate with a partner and to be comfortable with yourself. Being connected to your body and your feelings is part of it. You can experience and express yourself in any way you can. How you like to be touched, what turns you on, and how your body responds to different stimuli are some of the things you can learn. It is also possible to explore your body with your partner.

Relax before sex
Use relaxation techniques before developing an intimate relationship with your partner. This helps to divert focus from performance. It's important to enjoy every moment of the experience. Relax tight muscles by taking deep breaths.

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Practice sensual concentration

Over a gradual period (20-40 minutes), this practice helps with intimacy. Reconnecting with your partner is something you can take turns doing. Touch your partner's torso, arms, and legs without becoming sexually aroused. Increasing sexual touching around the breasts/nipples and groin area, but not touching the genitals, should be included. Don't forget to engage in more sexual touching, including genital touching. You have the option to have sex afterwards.

Take your time
Sex shouldn't be seen as something, it should be done. Don't get carried away and enjoy every part of the sex. Take some time to connect with her. Don't love yourself while you're rushing through things. It's time to dress up for her. If you want to give a sexy surprise, buy and wear sexy lingerie. If you want to move on to sexual touch, you need to engage in non-sexual touch. Take it easy and enjoy the sensations of your partner's body.

It takes a lot of practice with life size sex doll to have a good sex life. You will have great sex if you take your time.

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