What can we do with real doll breasts during sex?

What can we do with real doll breasts during sex?

The breast is an erogenous zone for men and plays an important role in male sexual pleasure.
Breasts are a start and when you start having sex you should start by touching and kissing your doll breasts.
Very soft when you grab both breasts with your bare hands. Feel those sexy curves and bare skin. I usually start kissing the outer breasts, roll my tongue over the nipple, and then slowly approach the nipple to suck.
Sucking on her nipples or biting on her breasts, he put his head between her two breasts
You can put your hand on your chest while having sex with the doll. It's such a beautiful commodity. The penis can be moved back and forth or rubbed by squeezing the realistic sex doll breasts.

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Squeeze the doll's breasts from both sides. Lubricate the penis. you will like it.

According to personal preference, some people like big breasts, some people like small breasts. Squeezing, licking, sucking, pinching, rubbing, intercourse etc it all feels so good it gets you high and leaves me soaking wet.

It's a whole new feeling. Never had this feeling before. There is nothing like it. Nothing pleasant. Great

This increases the fun for both parties and as much as possible, move on and enjoy the process before you end up with her

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