What do you like to do during sex

What do you like to do during sex

Everyone will like something different. Some men are not like other men.

For me, one of the best things about sex is being touched. I like touching his body from shoulders to arms. My hands move over the body of a life size sex doll, running my fingers over it.

I am passionate about kissing. I love mouth kisses, tongue kisses, skin

Nipple sucking is one of the most enjoyable things to do during sex.

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The rear entry feels really good, but Missionary is my favorite. I want to know how much his weight is on my body. I keep my head open and meet his eyes as he enters. I want him to see my face when he penetrates me, I want him to see my eyes when I look at him, and I want him to see my facial expression when he sees me.

I like giving oral sex because I like it when she lies on her back with her legs spread wide so I can enjoy her to the fullest. For me, oral sex is both a full-body experience and an out-of-body experience because it forces me to have sex with every single muscle in my body.

You should have your favorite sex female full size sex doll.

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