What do you think of the Shared Sex Doll Shop for sex dolls?

What do you think of the Shared Sex Doll Shop for sex dolls?

There are two types of Real Dolls stores. One is a linear online doll store that can be opened anywhere, but customers need to buy a love doll to get it. The other is a sex doll experience shop. This kind of fixed store is a must, it's convenient for customers to experience, and you can enjoy all kinds of love dolls without buying love dolls. Both types of deals have their own advantages. The first is more common, and most people are familiar with this type of sex doll experience shop, which is the concrete embodiment of love doll sharing.

Sex dolls have greater visual impact. The sex doll sex education model can achieve more visual impact. The online store has a dazzling selection of sex dolls, most of which are over the top, with big breasts and big asses that are favorites of the male fantasy. Of course there are also living dolls in this style. They have an ultra-realistic look without exaggerated breasts or huge buttocks.

The sex dolls in the store receive countless customers every day, and hygiene is also a big problem. I don't know if anyone who has been in this business has STDs. This type of deal usually puts the word civilization in the most prominent place. This is to remind you to wear a condom.

Isabella-Big Breast Sexy Lady 158cm/5ft 1in

Aside from the customers, the current state of the business is not standardized and, secondly, difficult to confirm. This is mainly based on the self-awareness and conscience of the owner.

It is therefore advisable to buy your own Real Doll. Not only to ensure hygiene and health, but also for long-term use. This life-size sex doll features realistic makeup that shows the woman's skin as much as possible, even showing the blood vessels on her hands and feet. The emptiness in her heart allows her to unleash her inner wildness in a nightclub where she can give herself completely, perhaps looking for a man to spend the night with. But as a lifelike love doll made of TPE, she can satisfy your sexual desire anywhere. Do you want wilder sex with her?

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