What happens when a family member finds out about buying a sex doll?

What happens when a family member finds out about buying a sex doll?

Sex dolls are becoming increasingly accepted and popular as a sex product. However, in conservative societies like China, sexual topics are still taboo and the existence of sex dolls is difficult for family and friends to accept. So, when your family finds out that you bought a sex doll, how do you deal with and resolve the embarrassment and misunderstanding? Let's discuss that in detail.

Understand family issues

It's normal for families to be surprised and worried when they find a sex doll. As a child, you need to understand how your family members are feeling and give them time to understand and accept that fact. When communicating, express your understanding of how your family members are feeling. This can calm their feelings and allow them to listen to your explanation better.

Express genuine needs sincerely

When communicating with family members, state the real reasons for buying most realistic sex doll, such as: E.g. unmet sexual needs, loneliness, etc. Sincere expressions can help family members understand that this is only a means of satisfying physical needs and does not alter the importance you place on your family and partner. When you tell the truth, you make family members feel that you are sufficiently open and trusting with them, which can help restore trust.

Commit to confirming the use again

Promise the family that they will limit the time and frequency of using life size sex doll and make sure they do not interfere with their lives and do not cause addiction. This can ease your family's worries and show them that you are in control of your life. At the same time, I would like to emphasize once again that my values ​​have not changed and the purchase of sex dolls is for the sole purpose of satisfying physiological needs. These measures can provide security for the family.

Be prepared to be misunderstood

Be prepared to face family misunderstandings, overreactions, and even rejection. Patiently give explanations and understanding, and express your true thoughts. If the situation cannot be resolved, you must also be mentally prepared for rejection from your family. In contrast, open communication is easier to clear up misunderstandings and gain understanding. However, it will take time for us to understand that open speaking is still unacceptable in traditional families.

Once a family member discovers a sex doll, open and honest communication is the best way to resolve the issue. Expressing genuine needs, understanding family members' feelings, and promising to limit consumption can reassure family members and restore trust. Be prepared to be misunderstood, but choose to communicate openly and give your family time to understand this sexual issue. The influence of sex dolls on personal life does not affect family relationships as long as they are treated honestly.

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