What if love dolls could keep lonely astronauts company?

What if love dolls could keep lonely astronauts company?

Robot love dolls in space missions could be beneficial.
Soon, humans will no longer be the only ones bidding farewell to Earth as they venture into interstellar space and integrate colonization plans on Mars for future research.

If SpaceX inventor Elon Musk gives the green light, astronauts can take their love dolls into space. Preparations are underway for a trip to Mars to found a colony on Earth. Former space scientist Amit Stevenson is now a sex robot dealer. She has offered to provide astronauts working for SpaceX with sex dolls for their future ventures on Mars. Researchers are given a sex doll of their choice to keep them company during the journey and help them avoid the psychological effects of being in the universe.

The benefits of sex robot tagging

Space travel can be very lonely. Every astronaut is so busy with his work that social interaction can only be a nuance. Most of the time, they are too busy with their own departments to take the time to connect with their colleagues. Being in the midst of darkness and oblivion isn't exactly helpful. Therefore, a sex robot can be beneficial during a space mission for several reasons.

formation of camaraderie

Sex Doll Genie, the largest international doll company, describes how lonely it can be to visit an uninhabited planet. The company is based in the US and Europe. Company founder Stevenson and his wife Janet brought the proposal to CEO Elon Musk. According to Stevenson, the journey to Mars would be extremely lonely. The everyday days could lead to changes in astronauts' mental health. Your emotional well-being should be a priority alongside research.

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elimination of loneliness

tpe sex dolls can not only be used as a sexual companion. Stevenson explains that most of her clients will not use the chubby sex doll solely for sex. Some develop an emotional and intimate bond with the dolls, which brings them comfort in their loneliness. Artificial society fills that void, and the void can be staggering. He recounted his previous experiences as an aeronautical engineer. He can sympathize with the space explorer as working at SpaceX has been a big part of his life.

Journey to Mars

The journey from Earth to Mars takes about seven to eight months. The round trip takes about a year and a half. This corresponds to the increased length of stay for men and women on the International Space Station (ISS). The two stations are comparable because they have different characteristics in terms of reaching space.

distance as an obstacle

With a travel time of just a few hours, the ISS can be reached faster than Mars. Laboratories in orbit are closer than on Mars. For this reason, most space exploration involves travel to and from the ISS. Mars is a whole new adventure that requires a journey further than anything else.

Spacecraft can only be brought to Mars if the in-orbit interface between Mars and Earth is opened. Due to the uncertain distances involved in space travel, the chances for future space exploration are slim. As the frequency expands, space travel becomes restricted.

Health Effects

Scientific studies have shown that there are concerns about the health of astronauts. The likelihood that a person's mental health will be affected is high. Space travel can be extremely taxing for astronauts and women in space, and being stuck in space for years can not feel good emotionally. When astronauts feel psychologically unwell, it can severely affect their work. This can lead to unforeseen situations that are difficult to solve immediately.

Immoral Corruption

Stevenson says using silicone sex dolls doesn't demean the industry itself. Just because something looks bad doesn't mean it's immoral. He believes that having sex dolls on a trip would enhance the worker's overall experience. That doesn't devalue the entire work of space exploration. He illustrates that there is nothing more lonely than being left in black oblivion.

Frustration at extreme distances

dr Knick Kansas, a researcher at Carolina University in San Francisco, expressed concerns about going to Mars. Such effects are inevitable, especially when traveling long-distance, he says. Extreme transcendence can place a great strain on scientists, which can hamper their research. According to him, it takes great effort to develop solutions that avoid the suffering and unrest of space travel.

Space for everyone

Despite the emotional strain, Elon Musk is ready for his plans. He is determined to advance the colonization of Mars. He believes the future lies in the hands of planetary colonization. When it comes to sending astronauts into space, there's no stopping him. The only solution was to find ways to prioritize the mental health of scientists.

As part of its plan, the company is building a spacecraft to be used by humans to travel to the moon and other planets. It will be called "Starship". The SpaceX founder believes the first trip to Mars will take place in 2022. Another mission will take place two years later.

A type of psychotherapy

Stevenson believes that lifelike sex dolls can compensate for the psychological effects. He believes that the space colonization program will be successful if additional measures are taken. This included the provision of an artificial escort on board the spacecraft. Stevenson continues to try to convince the South American billionaire of the benefits of sex robots for astronauts.

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