What is a missionary?

What is a missionary?

When making missionaries, we must understand that this puppet is best a standing puppet with the required upgrade skeleton, which is easier to do on the back of the puppet.

Depending on the position of the love point and whether a doll is fixed or inserted into the vagina, it is sometimes difficult to teach and stay in the doll, even if it is the first contact with the sex doll. If you're still learning rope or even playing for a while (usually just missionary but want to try something different), this position is great.

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Basically, it's all about placing enough pillows under the doll's buttocks so that her vagina is at the same height as your penis when she kneels. The doll's legs can stand upright in the air for you to grab.

This is an ideal position if your partner isn't as tall as you are, which is usually the case with dolls. It allows for different penetration angles, increasing the fun and achieving good eye contact. The legs allow you to change the tightness of the doll. Just bring your legs together or slightly cross them to increase the tightness.

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