What is better for men's sex life?

What is better for men's sex life?

When we don't have a partner around, managing our sexual impulses has become a nuisance for many men. So which is better, a masturbator cup or a love doll? It's no exaggeration to say that the two just aren't on the same level. Masturbator Cup The airplane cup is made of soft silica gel and synthetic resin, and also the vagina structure is made like a real person. easy to carry.

The life size sex doll is made of medical Tpe material, odorless and non-toxic according to 1:1 ratio for girls. It can replace real people to meet sexual needs and can be divided into male and female dolls. The skin is soft and elastic, and the skin is similar to that of a real girl. They are equipped with a vagina, anus and mouth for men to put their penis in the hole, rub it and enjoy it. Adult sex doll can replace real people to reach climax.

Madis-European Sexy Mature 165cm/5ft 4in

comparison of the two

The masturbator cup is cheap and easy to carry.
The skin feels like human skin. The point is that his joints are all free to move and we can put him in the sex position we want.
With the advance of technology, the real sex doll has the function of warming and vocalizing. When our limbs swing, she can moan sexy.
Buying affordable sex dolls is the beginning of your sex life.

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