What is the difference between a real doll and a real sex doll?

What is the difference between a real doll and a real sex doll?

There is hardly any difference here, and both love doll designs have one thing in common: They stand out from inflatable rubber dolls and play in completely different leagues. We're talking a professional league for sex toys and even sex toy-based bedfellows. Here you don't have to deal with the hot air, the pumping, the banging because you've reached orgasm! You will receive an eternal love doll, find your future sweetheart among the many storage dolls or configure an even hotter dream according to your wishes!

Sex dolls come in different sizes, up to 176 cm tall, or as a body part or as a sex doll in small sizes, which can save a lot of space. Difficulties can also arise with smaller models!

170cm Wheat Skin Big Tits Erin Adult Doll

What Benefits Can You Enjoy With Love Dolls?

The list of benefits is almost endless, and if you've done any research into buying life-size real sex doll, you'll know it. You haven't dealt with this topic yet? No problem, you're fine here - we'll explain it to you!

The 5 most important advantages of love dolls:

You can always! From now on, 24/7 is your new standard
It feels real - different skin tones to choose from, TPE and silicone are the new Love Dolls body materials
Even in the standard configuration you have full doll enjoyment
You can experience every story with her. Really: doesn't matter!
They are both easy to clean (like fixed vaginas or inserts)

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