What is the difference between a real person and a physical sex doll?

What is the difference between a real person and a physical sex doll?

I dare not imagine that a real doll's long legs, slim waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders and small face are like a perfect human body between two elements and three elements, and even the blood vessels are on the skin clearly visible. Most current love dolls are made of non-toxic, odorless, antioxidant and anti-aging silicone material, which is very sturdy. Pores and hair are very sensitive.

If yes, what is the difference between a real person and a love doll? Finally we have stiff real doll joints wrapped in synthetic rubber to allow some of them to move as freely as a human and pull into the desired shape. Don't overdo it when posing, or it will be distracting. In their search for a real love doll, the design helps them to have a built-in breath heartbeat and temperature device, that is, when we press the button it may make a different sound or the road or the chest heaves and falls with the breath Ups and downs depending on the frequency of the action.

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Of course, to make life easier for real sex dolls, they can also be equipped with smart features, i.e. information and smart devices for easy conversations with people... language exchange.

The above are the similarities between real people and lover dolls shared by fat sex doll Buy Torso manufacturers. If you want to know more, welcome the high-end unit of lover brand market. We are a modern high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales, service and technical support. Real doll direct sale is low price, good quality, many styles, no smell and long durability. There are many beautiful young ladies and sisters in life waiting for their first husband.

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