What is the name of the sexdoll fetish?

What is the name of the sexdoll fetish?

Doll fetish is a sexual fetish that is attracted to doll-like objects and sex dolls.
Attraction includes the desire for realistic sexual fantasies of animate or inanimate sex dolls, for encounters between the sex dolls themselves, or for sexual pleasure that results from imagining being transformed.

The study of doll fetishism includes direct sexual attraction to statues, figurative objects, or dolls. The supernatural power of the person who brings the idol to life is different from fiction, and she also falls in love with the statue, a rare form of eroticism found in the visual and linked to the allure of beauty.

A gardener fell in love with a statue of Milovina and was caught trying to have sex with her. The man who originally designed the dolls was sexually attracted to children, and his main goal was to help others control their sexual urges.

The lifelike sex dolls were primarily made for pedophiles who wanted to control the sexual abuse of real children. It has been proven that you cannot change someone's fetish. So, sex dolls can help people express their desires in a legal and ethical way, which isn't worth it when you have to live with suppressed passions. In addition, the doll attracts people with its seductive appearance. Sex doll manufacturers often make the toy look more attractive in order to attract and please men; the reason they are willing to buy it is the interaction and the company.

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Sex dolls, also known as love dolls, are used by people for pleasure and sexual satisfaction. They are designed and sized to be almost the same shape and size as a female privates with an artificial hole. The pieces can be molded into any shape desired by the owner. We have love dolls ranging from simple sex toys to mannequins mainly used for modeling. silicone sex doll and TPE can be very realistic as they are made entirely of the realistic look of a human body with a sexy body, face, soft skin and long hair.

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