What is your ideal TPE sex doll?

What is your ideal TPE sex doll?

In our next entry, sex dolls are going to get heavier. For those who desire to be in contact with women, these dolls will pray. These variants look more realistic than their lightweight counterparts. The medium-sized TPE dolls are equipped with customizable private parts and simple clothes to better satisfy sexual desires. But despite all these advantages, they also have disadvantages. Due to their weight and size, storing or handling them can become a bit cumbersome. The main thing is to assign them appropriate positions.

Whichever method you use, be sure to always clean your realistic silicone doll's wig before putting it back on. If the wig is not very dirty, you can wash it completely or gently dry clean it. Then, brush it before oiling it, then flatten it. Again, it all depends on the type of wig.

157cm sexy tpe doll love doll

Of course, in the end, the holes there have exactly the same meaning, but that's not the only goal you want to pursue. You may not know it, but when you drill a small hole, it's a good experience to have a humanoid object in front of you. Like having sex with a very shy girl, life size sex doll don't like to talk much. However, the dolls will be very outgoing. You can get it by sticking out like a piece of plastic. But having sex with such a woman will be an experience you will never get bored of.

TPE dolls love contact sports. She was a fitness trainer all day and built her own physique. If you like a strong but very feminine woman, you will like her. Even better, you'll love its endurance. All the time in the gym meant she had stamina all night. Do you have a father? Don't worry. If you are a good person, affectionate and concerned about her happiness, she would like to see you.

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