What mistakes have you made with your love doll?

What mistakes have you made with your love doll?

Our sex dolls are long, strong, lively and made by real artists. They are the Cadillac of sex dolls.

But just like luxury cars, they require careful maintenance. They require tedious work and maintenance. After all, your lifelike sex doll can give you years of pleasure. Can't they get the best of everything? Unfortunately, love dolls can break.

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This is often the result of improper use or lack of care. So what's the problem? Here are the most common mistakes we see people making.

Storing sex dolls in extreme temperatures and knowing we're going to have a hard time finding you. Many people need to be at least a little cautious about this. Your attic, basement, or garage can be a good place to keep your dolls.

Unfortunately, these places are often very hot, very cold and very humid. Be careful. Find out the temperature of the room where you store your sex dolls. Make sure the room is not too humid, too hot or too cold.

If this is the case, choose a different location. You can even provide support by setting up a small portable air conditioner, dehumidifier, portable heater, or fan. Make sure that all electrical devices used comply with safety regulations.

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