What role does love doll play in the family?

What role does love doll play in the family?

If you have your own love doll, you can dress up, but you need to learn skills. Try sportswear now and swimwear tomorrow. When choosing very fashionable clothes for Lisa, you need to pay attention to the size of the clothes. Lisa is close to perfect, so I usually choose small and medium ones. Trimming requires some skill. When wearing underwear, your sex doll will lie flat and bend at the knees. Place the underwear on your thighs and lift your waist. It may be a bit boring to dress up a doll first, but many doll owners have found it interesting for a long time. Being with Lisa can help you get rid of a difficult day. Would you like to have sex with a anime sex doll in the bathtub?

But that's very different from lying in bed. After bathing, wipe off the sex doll's water and sprinkle baby powder on it. Do not splash water on the metal connector on the doll's neck. The water in the doll's bones will rust. The legs of the standing doll must also be metal and dry. Sleeping with the love doll happens with the doll. Sex is inevitable. Maintaining a normal posture, ejaculate on your back and face, get dressed and play with the "doll".

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When it comes to true stories about sex doll experiences, not many of us are brave enough to speak out. The typical well-known expression story is about a famous physical therapist in Tokyo, Japan. After the troubles of the marriage went away, he decided to buy the sexy doll she now considers his wife. At first his wife was furious at the idea. However, over time, the user said that she got used to her daughter and now her daughter understands the role of sex dolls in the family.

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