What should I do if the solid silicone dolls I just bought contain oil?

What should I do if the solid silicone dolls I just bought contain oil?

The realistic touch of the silicone dolls is soft and elastic, but after a period of time, the skin surface will become greasy and feel sticky, especially after bathing. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon because oil is added to the material during the preparation of the ratio to achieve the softness of human skin and muscles. The physical realistic sex doll will be packed and shipped with talcum powder or lubricating powder after shipping.

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The method of oiling the surface of the baby doll is very simple. You can apply a layer of talcum powder directly to the surface of her body (a pack is included in the accessory. It is also available at the supermarket, and a box of baby talcum powder costs about 15 yuan). Time is also very easy. The temperature of the water is adjusted to cool and cool down. You can use a shower gel. After washing, wipe dry and then apply talcum powder, soft and smooth to the touch.

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