What should you do when you receive your new doll?

What should you do when you receive your new doll?

For those who are considering buying or purchasing their first personality doll. A little education is a good thing. This particular problem comes from customers around the world. "What does my new doll need?" The answer is not really what it is. Technically, you don't need anything more to enjoy your new doll, she's complete and ready to fulfill your fantasies. However, for those who want to pamper your new partner, we have a small stack of things you can get to keep them happy.

We will begin to receive your doll and open the box. Your new adult realistic sex doll will appear in a simple brown box. When opening the package, be careful not to cut the contents of the package. After opening the box, make sure the eyes, wigs, inserts, and random items are all in the box.

165cm Mexican Girl Daisy Wheat Skin Dutch Wife

Includes wigs, eyes and inserts. You will receive each. You will also receive a bag with white gloves and glue, as this is the first thing many people want to buy for their new doll.

Then you might want to wear a doll of your favorite type of clothing. All our models have custom clothing selected by professional photographers. Putting sexy lingerie on your doll is great fun.

Many people buy new outfits for their dolls. The first thing we recommend you do is wash it. We cannot advertise this. Some deeper clothes may contaminate the skin of new dolls. It's not a doll, so don't panic. It's his stuff. So, wash black clothes as far as possible. For those who like to sleep with their dolls to get lighter sheets.

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