What you don't know about silicone doll sex dolls

What you don't know about silicone doll sex dolls

The trend of sex dolls has become very popular and you will be surprised to learn some special facts about them. You may not know some facts about silicone dolls: life size sex doll serve the German sex doll industry. The sex doll industry in Germany gives sex dolls a unique name, just like a Dutch woman. Historically, it was because Dutch seafarers were meant to spend months at sea, trying to use creativity to overcome loneliness. They made dolls out of cloth to satisfy their urges to some degree.

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The French referred to them as "noble ladies at sea" and expressed them in Spanish, sailors considered them "Dama Avenue". These two terms are roughly translated as "travelling ladies". Dutch sailors would make these dolls out of leather and would rather stoop to Japanese ports and trade these creations. To this day, the story of love dolls from the Netherlands has stayed with the Japanese. However, if you are looking for a real sex doll that is best for men in Dallas, you will find plenty of options at various stores.

Sex dolls act as actual partners. You may have heard that many sex doll owners use silicone dolls as sex toys and simply for entertainment purposes, but some are going beyond that and starting to see them as actual partners. You see these human-like beauties as real women.

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