What you don't know about silicone sex dolls

What you don't know about silicone sex dolls

The growing popularity of silicone sex dolls
In fact, the huge tits sex doll industry has grown so much that it is now a billion dollar market and shows no signs of slowing down. With the growing popularity of silicone sex dolls, many people are wondering what are the advantages of silicone sex dolls over other types of sex dolls such as TPE or vinyl sex dolls. Read on to learn the top five benefits of silicone sex dolls.

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Because silicone is a natural material, it does not cause allergies or irritation to your body. This makes them perfect for sensitive people who might otherwise have trouble with metal or rubber dolls. Also, because silicone is non-porous, it doesn't have the ability to harbor bacteria like other porous toys. And best of all: It is durable and robust! If you want something that will last for years, then a silicone sex doll is your best bet. The best sex dolls for men!!! The best love doll reviews!!! Best Selling Love Dolls!!! Best Affordable Love Dolls!!! The best sex dolls of 2017 at a glance.


There's nothing worse than worrying about your doll getting dirty when you want to play with it. That's why silicone sex dolls are made from hypoallergenic materials, which means they don't harbor any of the nasty bacteria that can build up in some cheaper materials. Plus, silicone sex dolls can be fully sterilized at any time, so you no longer have to worry about residue and fouling.


Real sex dolls are made from high quality silicone and are truly one of a kind. They come in many forms, from realistic body parts to fantasy figures. A realistic sex doll can replicate all or most body parts such as breasts, vagina, hands and feet. Some advanced models also have features like built-in heating and sound systems that make the sex toy even more realistic. Today's best sex dolls look just as real as a real human.


One reason sex dolls are so popular with many men is that they can be very affordable depending on the model you choose. If you are looking for something cheap, silicone sex dolls are usually less than $500. This makes it easy to try different models and sizes without having to worry about price. This also means that you can buy a realistic sex doll without investing a large sum of money in something that is not 100% perfectly tailored to your needs and preferences.


The best sex dolls, also known as real sex dolls, are made out of silicone. This allows them to accurately mimic a woman's body and feel like a real human. Not only do they make it easy for you to fulfill all your sexual fantasies, but they are also easy to clean. Simply clean them after use and put them back in the box for storage.

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If you're in a long-distance relationship or your sex life is suffering, investing in a quality silicone sex doll is just what you need to kick things off. These beautifully realistic dolls are made from platinum-cured silicone, the same material used by doctors and healthcare professionals, so they're safe for the body and won't cause allergies.

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