What you should consider when buying your first sex doll

What you should consider when buying your first sex doll

Buying your first sex doll is always a little daunting, but using a sex toy should open your eyes to new and exciting possibilities.

They help you learn more about yourself. However, insecurity often masks our urge to try sex toys: it doesn't mean a failed relationship, your mother won't know what that discreet packaging is, and if you don't like it, what do you have to do to lose anything other than a small amount of money ? If you're wondering if you've missed your chance and curiosity has gotten the better of you, then maybe it's time to seek some battery-powered gratification. Before using your credit card, however, you should consider the following:

What is it for?

It is impossible to find one sex doll that fits everyone. Think about which aspects of sex you enjoy or need help with. If you're struggling to reach orgasm through penetration alone, maybe it's time to buy a real sex dolls. If you find that your partner is close to perfect but often doesn't cooperate with you, you can buy the silicone sex doll. If you're not yet sure what you like or need, it can help to start with good old-fashioned hand stimulation until you get a better idea.

157cm Wheat Skin Boxing Girl Lingling Love Real Doll

Who is it for?

Real dolls are no longer just for men and no longer serve to cure male "hysteria" as was the case in the 1800s. They can be enjoyed by women and couples alike. They can be used in both solo play and regular sex between couples (you can't have your hands in all places at once, after all).

What size and what material do you want?

While it may be common sense, newcomers to the world of sex toys should start small, or at least not too big. Avoid materials that have made you uncomfortable in the past, and consider whether you want the sex toy to feel realistic against your skin, or if you want it to look pretty rather than like the real thing. Smooth, ribbed, bulbous sex toys are often made from silicone, jelly, glass, and even metal and wood.

What's your budget?

The cheap sex doll can often be a 'fail safe' or favorite toy and is just as enjoyable as a luxury toy. If you're not sure what you like, it's best to start with simple but popular sex toys. Then, once you know what you want, you can start buying higher-quality sex toys that last a long time and aren't typically thrown away.

Have you thought about lubrication?

Sure, you can be naturally wet, but there's no shame in needing help getting wet when it comes to sex toys. To avoid harsh, uncomfortable sensations, it's best to be well prepared. A water-based lubricant such as A lubricant, such as AstroGlide Natural Lubricant, is available for all toys and is sure to help relieve the nervousness of using a sex toy for the first time. We hope the above guide has inspired you to try sex toys for yourself. Remember that they can stimulate and penetrate many different parts of your body and there is no one size fits all. Discover where to start and experiment as you go - the possibilities are endless.

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