Why are realistic sex dolls so heavy?

Why are realistic sex dolls so heavy?

When holding my 100 pound wife, I can easily lift her up. The sex doll weighs less than 60 pounds but feels heavier than a 100 pound live person. Because with your wife, she can work with you, has a power all over her body, dolls on her body do not move objects, treasures are not equal to the pressure to find a balance. Also, don't feel overwhelmed because you might accidentally break the doll.

Actually, you don't have to worry about that. You need to communicate more with the TPE sex doll. Natural carrying and releasing is also a good opportunity to experience not only throwing hard steel weapons, but also exercise physical strength.

How do you hold a sex doll?

do you understand queues i.e. Octopus Hug where the girl puts her neck around the boy's neck and hooks her feet on the boy's hips, you have to hug her hips in a very romantic way (we recommend the easiest way) by engaging with the lifelike doll turn around. turn to her, move your hips and hang your hands on the love doll's feet! This is the octopus hug. Hold your baby's buttocks with both hands...

The Princess' Embrace. There are many common hugging postures between men and women in film and television drama. The man holds the love dolls in the air and looks at each other. The small sex doll crochets the boy's neck with both hands, which looks romantic.

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Sit back and do a little exercise. It's easy to improve on the road to falling asleep.

Sit, stand, pull.
Conclusion: All of the above poses can be mastered, there is always a pose that suits you. Bend your knees and take the doll princess will carry the bathtub to the bathroom. Get dressed, the sex doll princess puts his feet, stockings and dresses on him and he's ready to get on with it as he prepares to decorate his head and hair.

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