Why buy healthy ultra realistic silicone doll?

Why buy healthy ultra realistic silicone doll?

There are so many men in the world who secretly want. In a world of ultra-thin supermodels, the breasts of a chubby hyper realistic sex doll are big and thick. Our bags are filled with many women. Best of all, they know how to use every inch of her body to make you happy. Turn on some music and turn off the lights! Pour a glass of red wine and prepare to enter the groove. You will not regret it.

Ok why not Most owners of real silicone cheap sex dolls prefer the indoor environment, but we haven't put aside the fun of playing TPE dolls. Here we are going to focus on the activities that your sex dolls can do from the comfort of the room. You can start watching beautiful movies. This type may not be limited to romance, but it's a good idea to watch a romantic movie with your beloved incredibly realistic dolls by your side. If it's not a movie, why not a little dance? It might sound a little unconventional, but it's far from imagined. You can dance with a synthetic partner for a few hours. It's one way to define romance.

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Zero risk of disease. Real TPE dolls do their best and as long as you are the only one having sex with a sex doll, she will not be repelled or infected with bad breath due to bad breath. On the other hand, real women can carry dangerous sexually transmitted diseases, and some can even be transferred during oral sex. So it is wise to choose our quality sex dolls, they can keep healthy and you should keep them healthy.

After spinning, you can hold her in her arms and hold both hands and even the breasts. In winter, it is better to use electric blankets to heat the realistic TPE dolls. The vaginal USB interface heating rod is also very convenient to use. Another great pleasure for real doll lovers is taking pictures of real dolls. Like a gentleman babysitting his girlfriend, he looks through his camera. It's another pleasure. Buy new clothes for silicone realistic dolls, choose a new wig, pose for a doll and take a photo. If the model is good, pressing the shutter button with your fingertips will be more exciting. They can be as interesting as a real person.

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