Why do love dolls get oily?

Why do love dolls get oily?

When everyone started looking for real women to help them with oral and anal sex, they were turned away thinking it was crazy. But a realistic silicone love doll, the perfect replica of the modern woman, can give you a real female life, not a woman. They are healthy, reusable and foster long-term relationships.

But the love doll's skin can't really imitate human skin. We use high-density TPE and silicone materials, which are a perfect substitute for real women on the market. The touch is smooth and soft, but at the same time there are some For example the surface of the doll's skin will be oily and feel sticky and uncomfortable, but we have a solution for you.

Due to the softness of human skin and muscles, silicone oil is added to the silicone. It's not hard to do. The use of TPE, which is close to human skin, will also generate oil, but the oil release will be less. Before the real sex doll leaves the factory, the manufacturer bathes her and rubs talc or lubricant on her body before packaging and shipping.

157cm Wheat Color Slim Girl Tpe Sexy Doll

Gliding the surface of the sex doll is easy: just apply a layer of talcum powder directly to the body. You can also get it in the supermarket. Like readily available baby powder, a box of baby powder costs about $15. If you want to wash it off, it's easy: turn the water down, use body wash, rinse, wipe dry and apply talcum powder, leaving it smooth and silky to the touch. It's easy. If the mini sex doll is not intended to be used permanently, it is recommended to pick it up after powdering. To put it simply, it is normal for silicone dolls to be oily, and they can easily return to their original state after washing with talcum powder.

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