Why silicone sex dolls are more expensive than tpe sex dolls

Why silicone sex dolls are more expensive than tpe sex dolls

Silicone sex dolls are more complex in design and manufacture than tpe sex doll.
One of the reasons for this is that silicone sex dolls are made from a combination of fabric, glue, clear patches or a variety of natural materials like milk that cannot be touched. TPE uses a high-pressure gas (methane) in the elastic pump to make the material strong and durable.

Winola-155CM-L-Cup Big Breasts Dark-skinned Love Doll TPE WM-Doll

Silicones are not a mixture of thermoplastics and elastomers. Silicones are polymers where the organic element is carbon. This means that, unlike most elastomers, it does not lose its elasticity and does not loosen in certain situations. Silicone sex toys are made from silicone rubber (also known as polysiloxane). It consists of a mixture of silicon and oxygen atoms chemically bonded together. This polymer is very flexible and durable; it can withstand high temperatures without melting. This makes them ideal for use in the kitchen or bathroom, where they are often exposed to different temperatures, both hot and cold.

Silicone is heat resistant and rubbery, which makes lifelike sex dolls relatively expensive to repair. Silicone is heat resistant and rubbery, which makes silicone dolls relatively expensive to repair. If you decide to get a new tpe doll, you won't notice any difference as it will look like a new character.

Silicone is non-porous and therefore resistant to stains on clothing. The silicone doll does not often suffer from drying out in a humid environment. Because it is non-porous, they do not rub off easily and prevent stains on clothing. The low sexual supply of silicone dolls is a negative factor. However, other reasons such as the excessive cost, the need to use special tools for splitting or even the use of special tools for packing into boxes make them unsuitable.

In addition, Tpe is a sensory recycled material, has good impact resistance and is very elastic. Tpe is a material made from polyethylene, an oil-based product. Because of its high quality and low price, it is widely used to make sex toys. But we all know that there is a problem with TPE dolls: they are easily damaged by temperature changes and water. So if you live in the summer heat or have kids who like to wash their toys with water, you should choose silicone sex dolls over TPE sex dolls.

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