Why the demand for TPE doll is higher than silicone doll?

Why the demand for TPE doll is higher than silicone doll?

We use silicone, but especially TPE, the so-called thermoplastic elastomer that we have been developing for many years. TPE sex dolls are softer, have better vibration performance, and have many advantages in production and handling. Every year you will see Cheap-doll development in design and materials. Also consider the skeletal and vibrational behavior of the chest and body, as well as the overall design. We are very proud to be able to display sexy silicone and TPE dolls like this one.

Yes, I noticed it. Show your face, right? Yes, these can be compared here. It's the old way. Very heavy. These are made of new materials. TPE dolls are much lighter. It is a pleasure to interact with them. We are the only person in the world who can do that. You mentioned that you are a new company but have started to expand internationally. Yes, because our company already has international sales experience. Just different products. So we already know the rules of international trade and how to promote the products and how to build a brand?

We produce in-house and decide to sell our products under our own brand. There is a chief designer inside the doll, but most of the design is done by freelancers. We are currently working on two tracks. On the one hand, we still design traditionally with hand drawings, and on the other hand, we still scan real people. The similarity and natural effects with the models is definitely a big deal. We estimate that approximately high similarity can be achieved at this time. So much remains to be done.

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But how exactly does the official sex doll work? How to copy as the customer wants? If you want to buy a replica real love doll, you must first send a photo of a real person to the company and provide information about hair color, breast size, weight, skin tone and eye color. You can then send your requests to industrial partners in France. The production cost can reach 3000 euros and will be airmailed to Cheap-doll after production. There, all the sex doll are cleaned before being delivered to customers.

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